Welcome to Planners and Coffee!

This blog is about creatively planning, organizing and living. Our main goal is to be a source of inspiration . As fellow planner enthusiasts, we know that your planner is a direct reflection of you. And there are so many ways to express that creativity!
This blog will be covering a variety of mediums; stamping, stickers, pens, washi, cut outs, kits… Everything we can think of! We will be sharing ideas, tips, lots of photos and trying to find new products and shops for you to check out.

Speaking of decorations, there is nothing worse than purchasing something and waiting for it to arrive only to find out it’s not what you want or expect. That is exactly why we will be reviewing products. We want you to know what is out there. Planners and Coffee is an independent blog, there are no shops or corporations behind it. Just two girls who have a passion for caffeinated planning!

We would love to hear your comments or suggestions, drop us a line!
Have a beautifully planned day   


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