Travel Planner Bag

One of my favorite moments in my day is sitting down and recapping my day in my planner. I’m sure every planner girl can relate! My planner is so much more than a collection of my to do lists or appointments. It’s practically my diary. Everything I did that day, every moment I want to remember, my mood, and even what I had to eat that day is in my planner. I cherish that planner time and not even a (much needed) vacation will cut into my planner time.

planner bag

My husband makes fun of me and maybe some of you will too, but I pack a bag filled with planner supplies to take with me. I know, it’s a little much. Oh, well.

Inside my travel bag, there is:

Open Travel Bag

Open Travel Bag

  • scrap paper
  • sticky notes
  • page flags
  • washi tape
  • clippings
  • stickers
  • stamps
  • ink pad
  • scissors
  • corner rounder
  • white out
  • adhesive
  • spiral clips
  • pens
  • clips

One thing I will say is to be realistic. This is not about bringing everything you own. I’d have more suitcases for this stuff than my clothes if that were the case. I only bring what I think I’ll need to document my trip.

What do you bring with you? Anything I don’t have listed here?

Do you have any tips for traveling with your planner?

Happy Planning, Y'all!


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