Forgot my planner

This week has been absolute havoc for me. I have left my planner at home everyday and more to the point I never filled it in for the week! This never happens and I feel totally lost.

I’ve been going through a planner struggle anyway. I can’t seem to find my groove when planning and I guess it just killed my enthusiasm for it. But I basically have no clue what is going on! I feel like I left my head at home.

Have you ever left your planner? Or have you ever gone through a planner funk? I’ll gladly take any suggestions for getting my stuff (i.e. my life) back together!


3 thoughts on “Forgot my planner

  1. Beanie says:

    I’ve gone through a planner funk before – I lost interest in making inserts for my planner. I think it’s fine if you don’t feel like using yours for now. Maybe you should go back to making basic daily to-do lists on plain paper or on your phone. I got back into filling in my planner during our finals week (need to release all that stress).


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