Pen Hack

I am a self-declared pen addict. I love the cute pens and I love pens that write well, but I’ve found that it’s not very often that those two characteristics combine into one magically perfect pen. It’s either cute and lives in my planner for photos or its useful and lives in my purse. Today we’re going to change that!

DSC00855 DSC00856 DSC00857 DSC00858

Supplies needed:

Cute pen (I’m using one from the Target Dollar Spot)

Pen ink well refills (or a pen you don’t mind sacrificing)

Step one: Disassemble your cute pen. Hold on to the ink well.

Step two: Find a replacement ink well that is the same length as the original. Either take the original to an office supply store or disassemble a different pen to find a comparable ink well. I’m using the Pilot B2P Recycled Water Bottle Ball Point Pen.

Step three: Reassemble your cute pen with your new ink well and start writing!

DSC00863 DSC00865

See? That was super easy and a great way to consolidate a pen collection.

Are you enjoying these hacks? We’ve got more on the way, but would love to hear which ones you’d like to see.

Happy Planning, Y'all!


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