Sticky Note Samples

Hey, Y’all!

I don’t know about you, but I’ve already started planning for the Planners & Coffee Swap Party! I’ve been digging through my stash looking for anything to contribute to the swap and I happened across my sticky note collection.


Here’s my struggle:

I want them all the different designs that I have, but not all of the sheets that come with them.

Weird, I know. I only wanted about 20 sheets or so from each design so I simply split the block into sections. That solved one part of the problem, but still left the sticky side on the back.


So, (and I’m kind of proud of this so don’t laugh =P) I took a piece of tape and covered the adhesive.

Ta Da! Sticky note sample size! A couple of these are going back in my stash, but most of these are headed to the Swap Party. Come on by if you’re in the Seattle area on November 15th. More info is on our Facebook page.


Happy Planning, Y'all!


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