Handy Dandy Tab Trick

Just like most of you, my planner is so much more to me than a list of appointments and chores. It’s my journal and memory keeper. In my planner you’ll find what I did that day, where I went, who I met, and how I felt. There’s scribbles and doodles all through out the pages. My favorite part of memory keeping is actually using physical things in my planner to mark what happened. Tickets for shows, cards for new acquaintances, greeting cards, and all sorts of other things are all over my planner.

Typically it’s easy enough to hole punch them and insert them that way, but sometimes that doesn’t work out for what ever reason. In those moments I use sticky tabs that I’ve hole punched to secure my precious momentos.

FullSizeRender 3

Post-it 3inch Tabs and a Postcard I picked up from Bubba Gumps Shrimp Co with my favorite Forest Gump Quote.

I found my sticky tabs at Office Depot. There’s a variety of sizes and colors there, but my personal favorites are the large white tabs.

I stick the tab to the momento that I’d like to keep and hole punch the tab. I use something that is already hole punched as a guide.

FullSizeRender 2

Slide on to the rings and there you go! Your memory is now securely in your planner.

Does your memory move from page to page with you? Cut a small slit into the holes and now it snaps in to place with a gentle push.

Know any other handy dandy tips or tricks? We’d love to hear them!

Happy Planning, Y'all!


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