No Buy November

Okay y’all, I’m going to say something that all of us already know…planners and planner goodies are expensive. Yeah, I know. Don’t get me wrong, it’s worth it to have a creative outlet that also keeps you organized. I love my planners and am constantly looking for new shiny things for them, but eventually you have to step back.

My and Emmalee’s wallets are getting a little whiney lately. Between loading up on stuff to review for you guys and maybe having too much fun with our giveaway, we’ve decided that maybe we need a different kind of planner challenge. A planner no buy for the whole month of November. Yeah, we’re intimidated. You can hardly scroll through Instagram without finding some cute stickers or stamps or washi that you have to have, but that means things in your stash goes forgotten. We are taking the whole month to bring you tips and tricks for either using things you can find for free or things you already own.

This will also tie hand in hand with our Swap Party on November 15th. Clean out your stash plus get some new (to you) supplies? Totally following the Planners & Coffee No Buy November rules.

If you’d like to take this challenge with us, please tag us and use the tag #plannersandcoffeenobuy . We want to see how your using your current stash in new and creative ways. We’re super excited to come up with some DIYs and want to see yours too!


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