QR Code Photos- Share A Slideshow 

Do you ever have a hard time narrowing down the photos you print out from an event, special occasion or even just an awesome day? This low cost idea will help solve that issue, linking one photo to a slide show with the rest. These are great for documenting life in your planner, journal, scrapbook.  I also like to give them out like a tiny, portable vacation slide show.  

I got this idea from a post by Heidi Swapp but added my own twist by printing the QR code directly on the photo.  This is much easier, saving both time and paper.

Here is what you need:

Flipagram app (iOS and Android, free)

Qrafter app (iOS, free) or QR Droid Scanner (Android, free)

Hand Drawn Designs Builder Kit DIY app (iOS, 1.99) Save money by using any similar photo app that will allow layers, even a collage app will do the job.

Photo printer- I use a Poloroid Zip printer but you can use a home printer or a service like Walgreens.


Get started by creating your Flipagram.  You can customize the length and even add your own music clip to the background. Once your slide show is ready, publish it and save the link. You could also link your QR code to a video, website or anything else you want. All you need is a public link.

Use Qrafter to create your QR code.  Simply click “Create” at the bottom of the screen, select “URL” and paste the link to your Flipagram or video. Save the finished QR code to your camera roll.

Open the Hand Drawn app and choose the + icon at the top right corner.  Use your photo as the background and add the QR code as a badge.  You are able to move and resize it to the best placement on your photo.  Make sure to leave a tiny bit of room between the edge of the photo and the edges of your QR code, if any of the code gets cut off it won’t work. You can use another photo app that does collages, I have found this one to work best for my needs. 

Print it out- VOILA!

I send these in the mail and sometimes randomly leave them on friends/family member’s fridge as a fun reminder. Plus they are great to put on my note pages in my planner with tickets and other momentos.

All month we will be sharing our ideas for low cost and no cost projects while using stuff we already have. How do you like to save money on your planner supplies?

PS- Don’t forget about our Swap Party on November 15th, it’s an easy way to get some new supplies without dipping into your holiday money. 


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