Glam Rhinestone Dashboards

Today I have a quick tip to brighten your holiday dashboards. Glitter and rhinestones – plus its ridiculously easy! 

Keeping in line with our No Spend November, I used supplies I already had but if you do need to make a purchase, this is a cheap project.
You can use a dashboard you already have, I made mine with a piece of laminated scrapbook paper. The rhinestone fox is from The Paper Studio “Gemstones”, you can find it at Hobby Lobby. They are 1.99 and often are on half off sales. They are one piece so you just peel it off and stick it to your dashboard.

You can also use loose rhinestones or embellishments you already have with some sturdy glue. I’ll be doing another post demonstrating this idea later this month.

How do you like to dress up your dashboards? Tag us in your photos, we would love to see! #plannersandcoffeeDIY



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