Washi holders by CraftinChaos

Last weekend one of my guy friends stopped by my apartment and after a peek at my work area he exclaimed, “Wow you have a lot of tape!” What can I say? This girl loves washi tape!  When I saw the adorable washi holders that CraftinChaos designed, I had to get some right away.   

First off, Deb is the sweetest lady. I have ordered clips from her in the past (which are wonderful) and she is always a pleasure. On this order, I requested special sizes and Deb was very happy to accommodate me. 

These holders fit beautifully, she designed them so the ears poke slightly over the side making them easy to locate. The laminate is thick and high quality, neatly cut around the outside. It is obvious they are made with care!


 Deb has several different designs, some styles have been updated since I purchased mine.   I must say, I’m very partial to the bears! The newest designs are posted below. She also has some other designs (bunnies, Hello Kitty, etc). The best way to pick some of these guys up is to contact her directly on Instagram (@craftinchaos).

How do you like to keep your washi handy? Please share your thoughts!  


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