Michael’s Recollections Notebook Cover Review

Whew, it’s been a hot minute since I’ve been here. How are y’all doing? Is your year going good?

I’ve been suffering from a planning existential crisis. Am I planning effectively? Am I being productive? Is there a better system? Who am I? You know, just the general questions you ask yourself when you begin doubting your planner.

As far as my actual planner, I’m currently testing out new inserts and stickers and will give you an update in a month or so for that. But I also carry around a notebook for random lists, notes, journaling, and all around brain dump. What has started to go wrong is I was gathering notebooks for different things. Instead of one notebook, I had three or four all for a different task but collectively working together to break my purse.

I’ve been toying with the idea of a traveler’s notebook for awhile and decided to take the plunge when I heard that Michael’s started carrying one for $15.


The Recollections Notebook Cover is 8.5″ x 5.5″ and comes in 8 colors. Each cover comes with 2 inserts that have 28 blank pages each.


I’m not really a fan of blank pages (i.e. I can’t write in a straight line), so I swapped them out for two Moleskine Chapters Journal Slim Large Dotted Notebooks and a May Book with dotted pages.

The first notebook in my traveler’s journal is one of the Moleskine’s that I use for bullet journaling and memory keeping.

The second notebook is the May Book for random lists and notes. I’m currently toying with the idea of color coding to specify what the list/notes are for, but I haven’t figured out the details yet.

And the last notebook is the other Moleskine. This one is for doodles and practicing my hand lettering. Here’s a close up because I’m proud, lol:

This traveler’s notebook cover is a great first step for anyone that’s toying with the idea. It’s got a sturdy feel to it, but you can definitely tell it’s not leather nor is it claiming to be. And it gives you a decent amount of room to grow. I have these three notebooks in and I think I could comfortably fit one maybe two more.


For $15, you can just put your toe in the water until you know for sure if you want to cannonball into the world of the Midori and Fauxdori.

Happy Planning, Y'all!


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